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We believe that for a project about sex work to be successful, it must adhere to a well-known slogan: “Nothing about us without us.” Our team is comprised of current sex workers, former sex workers, and allies. We are working together to present a critical look at sex work from the perspective of workers and activists; honor the lives and work of sex worker activists; document, preserve, and celebrate the rich history of sex work; and manifest lasting change in society.

Bambi Katsura is a Japanese American filmmaker and a former sex worker. She delights in pushing boundaries, exploring social justice themes, and creating inclusive works that challenge viewers and inspire change. In productions, she works to foster community and loves collaborating with fellow oddballs . 


Her work has been featured around the world in festivals including Frameline, Fringe!, the Toronto Queer Film Festival, and Hump!. Under the Red Umbrella is her first feature-length documentary.

Director / Producer


Dahlia Snow has been a Dominatrix and worker in the Bay Area for about 8 Years. Dahlia is a skilled health educator focusing on vulva and vaginal health and has experience working in content marketing and film. She spends a lot of her time hanging out with her cat Zoey and eating as much good food as she can. 



Grace Van Ness is a documentary video editor and motion graphics designer with a special interest in intimately-told, social justice-oriented storytelling—particularly as it relates to sex worker rights activism and queer identity. Her work has been featured at film festivals across the world, including La Fête du Slip, the Toronto International Porn Festival, and Cinekink NYC. Grace’s experimental, non-fiction video work has appeared in the SOMArts exhibition, We’re Still Working: The Art of Sex Work, as well as Témoigner pour agir, a project that seeks to “use public testimonial as a social and cultural intervention strategy.” She is also the co-founder of Failed Films, an NSFW art and film event series aimed at supporting local artists with a non-traditional approach. Grace attended the Salt Institute, the Duke Center for Documentary Studies, and the Bay Area Video Coalition, where she studied audio and visual storytelling, creative nonfiction writing, and animation.



Stefano Gonzalez is a trans Latinx producer originally from New York, where he taught video production to high school students. After moving to the Bay Area, Stefano completed his MFA in Motion Pictures & Television and has since helped garner numerous awards at film festivals. His credits also include writer, director, actor, voice actor, and assistant director. His co-produced short Do They Fit? was an official selection of the 2016 Cannes Film Festival. In late 2016, Stefano founded Transgress Studios LLC, a film and video production company designed to transcend repetitive narratives and uncover stories untold.   

Bambi and Stefan met on the set of Transfinite, a feature film coming in 2019.

Executive Producer


Tiffany Fisher-Love is a queer Brooklyn-based producer. Current projects include United Skates (HBO premiere Feb 2019) and on-staff Production Coordinator for Brut, Inc., the third-largest social media producer in the world. She has been working in production for 10+ years, including work on Broadway Across America, Van Warped Tour, and Opera Ireland. Tiffany also spent the last four years working in the world of tech and social media at Upworthy, Harmony Labs, Meme Factory, and Thrillist. She is the Managing Directing of New York Madness Production company in NYC and holds the Guiness World Record as Youngest Female Technical Director in Outdoor Theatre History.



Mineko Brand has a background in Journalism and Anthropology, and has been working in various facets of video production since 2011. She has worked with public media entities such as SF Public Press, Al Jazeera, and Amnesty International and specializes in creative short-form video, documentary and interviews. Her latest project is a feature length documentary about avant-garde choreographer and artist, Ed Mock. Unstoppable Feat; the dances of Ed Mock which recently screened at Frameline.

Associate Producer


Rachel Saxer is a multidisciplinary artist and activist currently living and working in Oakland, CA. Saxer’s work seeks to explore the relationships between femininity, power, softness, codependency, and resilience. Most her time is spent behind the camera on porn sets and surrounded by a vibrant community of sex workers who she considers to be her family. She is currently a program coordinator at Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute where she works on policy and a member of the National Lawyers Guild. She is also a student in pattern-making at Apparel Arts. Her digital performance piece SOFT TRAP was an official selection of the San Francisco Bay Area Sex Worker Film & Arts Festival 2019.